Heart Rate Variability & Mitochondrial Therapy

Some of you may or may not know that one of the things we specialise in here at Tyton Health & Performance is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Mitochondrial Therapy (MT).

So if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty maintaining your ideal body weight (you’re over or underweight)
  • You lack energy and often feel lethargic
  • Constant dieting with little or no sustainable results
  • Your physical performance has dropped off or needs optimising
  • Mood swings
  • Sugar cravings
  • You lack libido

Even if you don’t have the above but have your own set of health challenges then HRV and MT may provide the answers you’ve been looking for. For instance we have many clients with very varied conditions ranging from being successful MMA Fighters to middle aged women with ME and all are experiencing the benefits that can be had from HRV and MT.

HRV & MT originated at the Space Medical Centre in Russia to ensure the Mars Project 500 Cosmonauts were protected from the damaging effects of their exposure to radiation from the sun.

Heart Rate Variability Analysis is a very sophisticated screening tool that provides a detailed measure of your state of health and can even predict the risk of a sudden fatal heart attack. It assesses the signals to and from the Heart, Brain and other organs, the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic activities of your Autononic Nervous System (ANS) and your Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands.

The readings are used to determine how your body is coping with the summation of all stressors you’re currently exposing it to. These include all forms of stress, such as Mental, Emotional, Physical, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Nutritional, Thermal, etc, etc…

Another unique aspect of HRV is that it’s able to identify whether or not you can actually lose weight or not because we’re able to identify whether your body has the hormonal reserves, the regenerative capabilities and also the available energy to do so.

One of the tables from an HRV Result Sheet

A few of the things we can identify from the table above include how balanced our clients Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is, how much fight (response to stress) is going on in the body, the level at which their Immune and Hormonal Systems are functioning, whether or not there is enough repair and regeneration taking place and also whether or not there is enough actual energy in the system to carry out these functions.

Of course, we explain your individual result to you during your consultation. The test itself only takes 5 minutes whilst relaxed and is non-invasive, we only need access to your ankles and wrists to attach the electrodes. From your result we can even create a completely individualised nutrition plan with specific recommended food types should it be requested (priced separately).

HRV was introduced to the UK in 2009 by Dr Michael Kucera M.D. I learned of Dr Kucera M.D. whilst on a Nutrition course taught by Sheri Dixon of Heartwise UK late 2010 and later began training with him in March of 2011. I have since attended many Advanced Training days on subjects such as the Hormonal System, the Immune System, Space Medicine, Fat Loss and how they all relate to HRV plus more.

I have seen many clients in the last 3 years and tested around 85% of them using HRV to help me decide on the best approach to use when designing their Nutrition and Exercise Programmes.

What’s great about HRV is that it cannot lie. Many clients often think they’re indestructible and don’t want to even here the words “chill out” mentioned when they come to see me but once they’ve seen their HRV Result things often change.

I’ve also had the opposite extreme. Those who feel as though they’re going to completely break down at any minute, only to find that their body and it’s systems is actually coping pretty well, meaning that most of their problems are likely mental/emotional rather than physical.

What we have to remember is that we cannot abuse our bodies forever. We are only given one body (that we know of) and everybody’s capacity to deal with and adapt to stress is completely individual and often we take this for granted.

Using HRV, we’re able to see just how well you really are coping, not just how you think you’re coping. So whether you’re an elite athlete that’s hit a plateau or you’ve been suffering with many health related challenges for years, HRV may be just what you need in order to monitor your condition(s) and create a suitable plan of action to finally help improve your health and/or performance.

Click here to see an example of some HRV Results. These are the results of an actual client of mine (I’ve just changed the name to A, Nonymous due to client confidentiality) and as you can see she was in a pretty bad way to begin with (Red Zone) at the young age of 34! But, she was in the Green Zone within 6 weeks of starting Mitochondrial Therapy (supplementation) and was still in the Green Zone during her last test in April 2013.

Now of course I’m not expecting you to be able to understand exactly what’s going on with the whole chart but you can clearly see many improvements and they were maintained even though she hadn’t been on the supplements for approximately 10 months before her last result in April 2013 as you can see.

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