How to: Triangle Choke from The Full Guard


When a fight goes to the ground, being able to man an effective offence is crucial… especially if you’re the one on your back!

Suddenly being taken down and put on your back during a fight can be pretty scary the first few times it happens.

You find it hard to get your base.

You can’t produce as much strength or power.

It’s difficult to control your opponent.

The truth is, you’re at a disadvantage…….

……or are you?

What if you can get your base, be strong and powerful whilst fully controlling your opponent??

Are you still at a disadvantage??

I like to think not. Especially if your have a skill set that allows you to quickly and effectively finish the fight.

Today’s video shows you how to control your opponent when he/she is in your Full Guard and you want to secure a Triangle Choke.

Click Below to watch!:)

The ability to remain calm and confident when your opponent is in ‘the dominant’ position is often vital to your success once a fight goes to the ground.

Wherever possible you must keep a clear and calm mind so that you can freely express the skills you have developed.

After the video, let me know what you think? What other aspects of our Grappling & Ground Fight System would you like me to cover over the coming weeks?

It can be theory or practical based. Either way, gaining new knowledge and/or skills that improve your combat awareness will all be to our readers advantage.

Be cool folks.

In health and performance,


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Adam Colquhoun

Adam Colquhoun

“… my aches have been greatly reduced…”

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Jill Merriam

Jill Merriam

“I have full use of my shoulder, I can run and I am more confident…”

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Andrew Laws

Andrew Laws

“I felt much better in myself and therefore became much happier.”

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Yvonne Hicks

Yvonne Hicks

“I had a lot of pain in my left hip… I am now Pain free!”

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