Sports Massage Therapy


Anybody can benefit from the effects of Sports Massage Therapy. It’s primary purpose is to alleviate the stress and tension which build up in the soft tissues of the body through sports, hard work and general daily life in today’s fast paced world.

Tyton Health & Performance uses Sports Massage Therapy where necessary to help maintain balance within the muskulo-skeletal system and increase the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the tissues whist helping to flush metabolic waste out of them. We also use it to speed up the recovery process for clients with both acute and chronic pain.

Sports Massage Therapy can be used to aid in the maintenance of muscle tension and flexibility to ensure optimal range of motion (ROM) is maintained in each muscle group. It can be used during the preparation phases of training as well as post event to help reduce the risk of injury before, during and after your chosen sport or physical activity.

Some of the treatments used by Tyton Health & Performance include soft tissue techniques to speed healing and reduce discomfort, Cross-fibre friction techniques to help reduce and eradicate adhesions and help maintain pain free ROM, Trigger point techniques to reduce spasm and release tight fibers within the muscles and manual joint mobilisations to restore normal or optimal ROM within the joints.

Included In The Sports Massage Therapy Programme:

  • A Thorough physical Assessment to identify the physical causes of your injury
  • A Thorough Analysis of Your Health Questionnaires to identify any non-obvious causes of your injury
  • Advice and Prescription of Stretches to reduce any tight muscles that may be causing Musculo-Skeletal Imbalances and/or Dysfunction
  • Advice and Exercise Prescription to strengthen any weak muscles, Musculo-Skeletal Imbalances and/or Dysfunction
  • Follow Up Assessments to Reassess, Adjust and Advance Your Programme To Ensure Optimal Recovery And Reduce The Chance Of Re-Injury
  • And if needed, Referral to other health specialists to ensure you have the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

Included in the The Sports Massage Therapy Plus Programme:

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Full Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching to ensure you’re body is getting the best nutrition possible to help speed up your recovery. As the saying goes, “You are What You Eat”.
  • Two Heart Rate Variability Tests and thorough analysis to assess the function of your Regulatory Systems and their ability to cope with and adapt to the summation of ALL stressors placed upon them and to establish the type of foods that are required based on the current dominance of your Autonomic Nervous System.
  • An HRV and Health Appraisal Results Session to explain to you how to get started on your nutritional plan based on your results
  • 8x 30 minute Coaching Sessions. One every two weeks to ensure you fine-tune your nutritional intake correctly, only introduce Essiential Supplementation and then only when required, reduce and overcome any blocking factors that may be having a negative effect on your health

Additional Services for the above SMT Programmes Include:

  • One-to-One Training Sessions

Adding one-to-one sessions is very likely to help you achieve full recovery in less time than just exercising on your own.

Contact Us for more details on our Sports Massage Therapy Programmes or to arrange your complementary initial consultation and take control of your health today.


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