How to Rack The Kettlebells

Kettlebells are very effective tools for many different health goals.

You can use them to develop Strength, Speed, Power-Endurance. You can use them to burn fat, build muscle and even during rehab…

But the effectiveness of the Kettlebells lies in your ability to handle them correctly.

You see, poor form often equals poor results and an almost certain increase in your risk of injury so learning how to use a Kettlebell properly is essential if you hope to use them to get awesome results, regardless of your goal.

In todays video, I show you how to effectively and safely ‘Rack’ two Kettlebells.

During my time as a Health and Performance Coach I’ve seen many different variations on how to Rack the Kettlebells but rarely are they as safe or effective as the two variations I show you guys today.

Without the ability to get the Kettlebells into the Rack position you’re going to significantly reduce your ability to do so many exercises during your Kettlebell workouts,

Exercises such as KB Shoulder Press, KB Front and/or Back Squats, KB Bear Complexes, KB Jerks, KB Push Presses, etc, etc will have to be left out or modified (often to less effective versions) if you’re unable to correctly Rack the KB’s.

Check out the Video to learn more.

After the video, why not post a comment on our Blog page. Let me know if this video helped. What other exercises you find difficult? What exercise or type of workout would you like to see next?

Let me know and I’ll see what magic I can perform for next time.

All the best from your friend in health & performance,



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