Protein – You Likely Need More

Hope you are well. This week we’re talking Protein intake.

Protein – You likely need more.

Very few of my clients are eating enough protein when they first come to see me and often when they are, it’s poor quality protein that’s likely to do them more harm than good in the long run.

Protein is an essential nutrient and if you’re deficient, you’ll likely experience many adverse health affects such as…………

Regardless of your goal, whether it’s Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength, Health, Speed, etc, etc… if you’re protein intake isn’t optimal, your body won’t have the resources required to achieve either of these goals at it’s full potential.

Now, I understand that there’s a fair amount of controversy in the media regarding Protein and some of you may be concerned about significant increases in your protein intake but how can eating a nutrient that’s the second most abundant in the body really be of any concern?

Especially if it’s from high quality sources and like any nutritional recommendation, not taken to extremes!

So, check out the video and find out how much protein we recommend you eat at each meal.

We even give you a simple system you can use from today to ensure you have enough protein in each meal without the need for calorie counting or working out total grams of protein in a given food.

Thank you for your time! Don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing your own experiences with protein intake. Did you find that it helped, increased your energy levels, improved lean mass, helped with thinking more clearly?? Any experience you’re happy to share, go right ahead.

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