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If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms or anything similar, our Adaptive Health & Performance Programme is just what you need to finally achieve REAL Health!

  • Overweight or Underweight
  • Lacking Energy
  • Constant Dieting with Little or No Sustainable Results
  • No Energy For Exercise
  • You Exercise Plenty But Aren’t Reaping The Benefits
  • Would Like to Achieve Your Ideal Weight and Body Shape
  • Niggling Health Issues That Just Won’t Go Away

‘Fitness’ and ‘Health’ are NOT Synonymous! – Paul Chek

That’s one of my favourite quotes and if you think about it, it’s very true.

Just because you can run a marathon, Sprint the 100 in 10 seconds flat or Back Squat over 300kg it does not necessarily mean that you are ‘healthy’.

We have a world full of ‘fit’, ‘sick’ people and it’s not showing any signs of turning around anytime soon.

We live in a world where convenience and instant gratification are more important than quality and sustainability and we continually opt for cure over prevention. Surely, anybody in the right frame of mind can clearly see that this is backwards and not ideal for long term health.

You see, health must be built from the inside out and in order to achieve long term Health & Wellness your nutrition must be tailored to your individual needs as well as your chosen health goal. If it isn’t, your results (if any) will be limited and/or unsustainable.

If you want solid, long term results that keep you healthy and full of vitality then you must eat a diet specific to your bodies individual requirements along with a suitable exercise and lifestyle regime. Here at Tyton Health & Performance we take a ‘client specific’ approach to nutrition rather than ‘nutrient specific’.

The truth of the matter is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet that will work for everybody.

Throughout the industry we see many (often extreme) attempts at finding a single diet that will address the nutritional needs of everybody and provide us with the healthy lean body we’re all searching for but just look around at the people in your local area the next time you’re out and about and you’ll clearly see that something is wrong with the message the masses is receiving.

That’s why we strip away the crap and the myths and get straight back to the basics of building Health & Vitality!

By constantly monitoring your bodies response to the changes you make we’re able to adapt and change your programme during each bi-weekly consultation to ensure results are achieved continuously.

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