Martial Arts

Tyton Health & Performance teaches various Martial Arts Systems, all of which have been taught by Master Wong, founder of the Master Wong Fighting System. The Arts available are Wing Chun, which is ideal for self-defence. Tai Chi, both health and combat aspects, and Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Bodyweapon. JKD Bodyweapon is Master Wong’s interpretation of the late, great Bruce Lee’s fighting concept.

Wing Chun

The Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun specialises in close-range combat making it ideal for self-defence. Due to it’s core principles of practicality, efficiency and economy of movement, Wing Chun has a speed and directness of action that is difficult to match. Because of this, Wing Chun has become recognised as one of the fastest fighting styles in the world.

Health Tai Chi

Health Tai Chi has become one of the worlds leading forms of exercise for health and relaxation. Often using slow, controlled movements it can be ideal for improvement of posture, joint strength and stability, balance, circulation and stress reduction just to name a few.

Combat Tai Chi

Most people these days are unaware that Tai Chi was originally a combat art and that the Form was just a way of embedding the application techniques into the nervous system so that during training or combat he/she would not have to think about how to apply the movements, instead they would come naturally. Using techniques such a Push hand and actual combat application, we show you how to use Tai Chi as it was originally intended to be used.

Jeet Kune Do Body Weapon

Master Wong’s JKD Bodyweapon incorporates all of his knowledge and martial art skill into a method of thinking that enables the practitioner to respond and adapt to his opponent as the training or fight progresses. Unlike a martial art style or system, JKD Bodyweapon is a concept, a way of thinking that allows the practitioner to problem solve and express their skill to their fullest potential during combat.

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