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Welcome to Tyton Health & Performance.

Here at Tyton Health & Performance we specialise in helping our face-to-face clients and online readers build a healthy and pain free body that functions optimally so that they can get fit and strong enough to out-perform the specific daily challenges that life throws their way.

We call this “Adaptive Health and Performance”, and it’s achieved through our 5-Step Results Based Coaching System.

In our modern, fast paced, technology driven world it’s safe to say that pretty much all of us are affected by ever increasingly stressful lifestyles – whether we realise this or not though, is another matter all together.

  • Our bosses demand more and of our time and often want to pay us less for it. There’s more pollution (both chemical and electromagnetic) than ever before in the history of man.
  • Our food supply is full of poisoned, ‘non-foods’ which do nothing but rob us of our health and vitality.
  • We’re drugged up to the eyeballs to ‘manage’ and mask illnesses and diseases which can often be avoided through simple lifestyle improvements.
  • We suffer with Back, Neck and Joint pain daily.

And… unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s only handful of the stressors that most of us are exposed to on a daily basis.

“Stress” by the way, can be defined as any change in our internal or external environment.

This is why it’s so important to have a body (and it’s systems) that is healthy enough to adapt to the increased summation of stressors that you’re placing upon it.

This is where Tyton Health & Performance comes in…

Through our proven, 5-Step Results Based Coaching System we’re able to guarantee your results.

We teach you simple, effective changes you can make to your daily lifestyle that not only help reduce the total stress load your body is exposed to but more importantly, improve your bodies ability to adapt to any given stressor or stress load you expose yourself to.

I say “more importantly” because it’s your bodies ability to adapt and overcome stress that ultimately determines your overall health and performance on a day to day basis.

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