How To Defend The Takedown (Divert & Twisting Sprawl)

Good afternoon Guys and Gals,

Here’s a great video showing you how to avoid your opponents takedown by maintaining distance and diverting his energy away from you. You’ll clearly see how we utilise Bruce Lee’s expansion contraction theory to prevent our opponent from getting too close.

We even cover what to do when things go wrong with the diversion attempt and your opponent manages to grab your rear leg instead.

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How To Defend The Takedown (Maintaining Distance)

Hey Guys, Welcome back!

Whether you currently train in the Master Wong Fighting System or not our Grappling and Ground Fight Videos may be just what you need to take your fight or self-defence game to the next level.

Using the exact principles and concepts we use in our striking game, we’re able to maintain the same mindset wherever the fight gets taken.

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