Securing The Armbar from Side Mount


For some, Side Mount isn’t so much a position to establish Submission Dominance.

Instead they tend to use it to control the position and posture of their opponent whilst they establish their ‘Ground and Pound’ game.

But what if your opponents ‘Ground and Pound’ defence is really good, what then? Do you just keep trying to hit him with little or no success? Or do you switch things up?

I’m my opinion, you switch things up. Keep him under pressure and constantly guessing about your next move.

Today we show you how to secure The Armbar from Side Mount. Having a skill/ technique such as this allows to to open up your game and not get stuck in ‘the box’.

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The Kimura from Full Guard


The Kimura is a very effective technique when used correctly with an good understanding of how to manipulate your opponents centre of gravity and also his joints as you attempt to employ the movement.

If however, you just rush into the movement without correct understanding of both the attack and the defence aspect of the technique you’ll very likely fail to secure the submission.

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Double Leg Takedown – Shoulder Bump


If you have to take a fight to the ground, you want it to be on your own terms.

Today we show you one of our more simple Double Leg Takedown variations – Using the Shoulder Bump.

Providing you can time your opponents attack, this technique is very effective for stopping him in his tracks and sticking him on his arse…

… especially if you’re looking to stay on your feet!

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Arm Control from Inside The Guard


Quite often people feel as though it’s a big disadvantage to end up in The Guard of their opponent once a fight goes to the ground.

This is of course because their opponent has a wide range of submissions available to them and they do not.

But is this really such a big disadvantage?

Here at Tyton Health & Performance we look at things from a different perspective.

We teach our students to adopt a mindset where no matter what position they are in during a fight, they always have the advantage.

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How to Armbar from Full Guard


What’s up peoples? Things are all good I hope!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been mainly covering techniques for the Stand Up aspect of our Grappling & Ground Fight System. Mainly either how to avoid a takedown or how to finish a takedown. Don’t worry, we have more of that to come but today we’re covering The Guard. And more specifically, How to secure The Armbar from The Guard.

As always, I try to keep things simple but effective.

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