Will Abdominal Training Reduce My Belly Fat?


Being a health and performance coach I tend to get a lot of the same questions from my clients throughout their coaching journey, particularly in the early days.

Some of the most frequent questions I get revolve around ‘spot reducing’ when it comes to fat loss.

Will training my abs more frequently reduced my belly fat?

What are the best arm exercises for getting rid of my ‘Bingo Wings’?

Unfortunately – mainly due to mainstream media – many people are under the impression that by training a specific body part, you’re able to focus your fat loss on that particular area.

The simply isn’t true!

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3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

You’ve likely heard me say it over and over again… “We’re all individuals, with individual needs so therefore our training, nutrition and lifestyle have to be individualised also in order to achieve optimal results.”

But even though that is the case, we also share many similarities. Especially when we look at the mistakes people are making when it comes to burning fat and getting lean.

And that’s what I’m going to cover today. 3 common mistakes I see people making when trying to lose weight and burn off their unwanted body fat.

Common Fat Loss Mistake No.1 – Too much emphasis on the Training

Training is great and definitely needed if you want optimal results when trying to finally get lean forever but without enough emphasis on your nutritional intake you’re always going to see sub-optimal results.

Studies show that training combined with improved nutritional intake is far superior to training alone for producing fat loss results.

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How to Increase Your Protein Intake

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” – Bruce Lee.

Wise words form a man full of wisdom. And although I agree with him 100%, the catch is, sometimes it’s not that easy.

For instance you likely know that in order to lose body fat, sitting on your arse and  waiting for change to happen is no good. You know you have to be more active and in an ideal world, actually have an effective training plan in place along side a nutrition plan that’s conducive to the goal of fat loss.

But what if you don’t actually know how to train or what foods you’re supposed to eat in order to lose fat?

Well, unless you research it or ask somebody that knows you aren’t going to get very far.

John Hammond from Wales, UK has had a similar problem. After seeing our video on how much protein you should be consuming each day (click here to check it out if you’ve not seen it) he’s found it very difficult to achieve the required increase without falling back to his old habits within a day or so.

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Weighing Yourself Regularly – Good or Bad?

You’ve probably heard many trainers or professionals state that it’s pointless to weigh yourself. That it just creates obsession and isn’t a very accurate indicator of an individuals health status.

This is kinda true….

….But what if somebody doesn’t have an addictive or obsessive personality, what then? Can it be used as an effective gauge of progress?

That’s what I discuss in today’s video, whether or not you should weigh yourself regularly…

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Make Healthy Food Convenient

Unfortunately, one of the biggest attractions with Processed and Packaged foods is their convenience. There rarely any preparation required and when it is it’s not very labour intensive or time consuming.

The trouble is, convenience doesn’t necessarily equal healthy. And when the goal is health, or health related such as Fat Loss, Improved Sports Performance or Muscle Gain the convenience likely won’t be enough to achieve the goal.

Instead what you really need is for healthy food to be more convenient.

That’s what I cover in today’s video… A couple ways to make healthy foods more convenient so that the next time you’re in a hurry or short on time it’s no less convenient to have your healthy option than it is to opt for the cake, biscuits or ready meal.

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