Using Lockdown – Opponent in Half Guard


In the early days of your Grappling & Ground Fight game, having an opponent in your half guard can be quite an overwhelming experience… especially if your training partner or opponent has a good ‘Ground and Pound’ game.

It can be very hard to control your opponent if you’re only able to use your upper body to get the job done.

That’s why it’s essential to train in a manner that incorporates both upper and lower body control simultaneously.

Of course, in the early days it can be hard to focus on both your upper and lower body at the same time but with enough practice and ensuring you use the principles we teach in our Wing Chun and JKD Systems (Economy of Motion, Directness of Action, Sensitivity and Control to name a few) it will make things much easier once the fight goes to the ground.

The idea is to use the principles learned in your stand up arts and wherever possible, directly apply them in your Grappling and Ground Fight training. That way you can maintain one fluid, undiluted mindset.

This week we show you how controlling both the upper and lower body of your opponent simultaneously whilst they are in your Half Guard can allow you to either maintain positional control or transition to a more dominant position in the fight.

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How Many Exercises Should I Do In Each Workout?


This week rather than give you guys another Grappling & Ground Fight or Exercise video I decided to address one of the performance related frequently asked questions I get from people when talking training and how to plan their workouts.

This weeks question is “How many exercises should I do in each workout?”

This is a great question and like many health and fitness related questions there isn’t a single black or white answer.

There are many things I take into account when designing my clients training programmes. Things such as:

  • Their training experience
  • Their nutritional status
  • Their weaknesses and/ or imbalances
  • Their goals
  • Their likelihood of programme adherence
  • etc, etc, etc…

As you can see, a lot of thought goes into programme design.

That doesn’t mean things have to get complicated though.

90% of the time my clients programmes will have between 4 and 8 exercises in each of their training programmes.

For instance, I may have an advanced client in the third or fourth phase of a Body Transformation programme and one of their programmes may be a heavy Lower Body workout that looks as follows:

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Weights or Cardio First in Your Training Session

As mentioned last week, I get many of the same questions from each of my different clients.

This weeks frequently asked question is “Should I do my Weight Training or my Cardio Training first during my workout?”.

Now to be honest, it’s a debate that could go on for hours and depending on the perspective both parties would be right in their arguments.

However, for me personally there are 3 main reasons why I recommend one over the other.

It has nothing to do with me preferring this style of training, it just simply makes the most logical sense based on my studies and how I get results with my clients.

Check out the video now to find out whether you should be training your Cardio or your Resistance Training first.

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Single Leg Takedown Attempt (Switch to the Back)

This week we cover another variation of the Single Leg Takedown.

This time around we’re going to set the takedown attempt up ourselves by initiating the first distraction…your attack, rather than wait for your opponent to attack you before responding.

Securing a Single Leg Takedown is simple. That is until your opponent starts to fight back anyway. Once this happens you have to have other options.

That’s why today I show you how to transition from your Takedown attempt and instead switch to your opponents back. This opens up several other options to continue your attack and keep your opponent guessing.

Check out this weeks video below.

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Will Abdominal Training Reduce My Belly Fat?


Being a health and performance coach I tend to get a lot of the same questions from my clients throughout their coaching journey, particularly in the early days.

Some of the most frequent questions I get revolve around ‘spot reducing’ when it comes to fat loss.

Will training my abs more frequently reduced my belly fat?

What are the best arm exercises for getting rid of my ‘Bingo Wings’?

Unfortunately – mainly due to mainstream media – many people are under the impression that by training a specific body part, you’re able to focus your fat loss on that particular area.

The simply isn’t true!

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