Beginners Kettlebell Workout 2


Hey guys and girls,

Welcome back! This week we have a Beginners Kettlebell Workout for you all to try.

In this workout we have included The 1 Arm Kettlebell Swing, Single Kettlebell Alternate Lunge, Single Kettlebell Floor Press with Rotation, Single Kettlebell Lawnmower Rows, Seated Kettlebell Russian Twist and the Single Kettlebell Bent Elbow Plank.

As I mentioned, this workout is ideal for beginners. It covers a few of the basic exercises that can be done with a Kettlebell and is great for building a foundation to add the more complex exercises on top of as you progress through your own training programmes.

If you’re a intermediate or more advanced lifter you’ll likely find this workout too easy. If this is the case, you could try doing each exercise with 2 Kettlebells but for some lifters this may still be too easy for you.

Programme Variables….

Beginner – 2-4 Circuits

-1 Arm Kettlebell Swing x 8 each side
-Single Kettlebell Alternate Lunge x 8 each side
-Single Kettlebell Floor Press w/ Rotation x 8 each side
-Single Kettlebell Lawnmower Rows x 8 each side
-Seated Kettlebell Russian Twist x 8-12 each side
-Single Kettlebell Bent Elbow Plank x 30-60 Seconds

REST – 60-120 seconds

WORKOUT FREQUENCY – 2-3 times p/week

Intermediate – As above but with 2 Kettlebells – 4-6 Circuits

If you’d just like to add this programme to your training week and also continue doing Basic Kettlebell Workout 1, you could schedule it as follows:-

Less than 3 months Kettlebell experience:

Monday – KB Workout 1
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – KB Workout 2
Thursday – Rest
Friday – KB Workout 1
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – KB Workout 2

More than 3 months Kettlebell experience:

Monday – KB Workout 1
Tuesday – KB Workout 2
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – KB Workout 1
Friday – KB Workout 2
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – KB Workout 1

If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll answer as soon as i can.

Thanks for watching!



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