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Hey guys,

Welcome back! This week we have a Beginners Kettlebell Workout for you all to try.

This workout includes the Single Kettlebell Swing, Single Kettlebell Front Squat, Single Kettlebell Shoulder Press, Single Kettlebell Clean, Single Kettlebell Bent Over Row and the Kettlebell Half Turkish Get Up.

As I mentioned, this workout is ideal for beginners. It covers a few of the basic exercises that can be done with a Kettlebell and is great for building a foundation to add the more complex exercises on top of as you progress through your own training programmes.

If you’re a intermediate or more advanced lifter you’ll likely find this workout too easy.

If this is the case, you could try doing each exercise with 2 Kettlebells but for some lifters this may still be too easy for you.

Programme Variables….

Beginner – 2-4 Circuits

-Single Kettlebell Swing x 15

-Single Kettlebell Front Squat x 12

-Single Kettlebell Press x 6 each side

-Single Kettlebell Clean x 8 each side

-Single Kettlebell Bent Over Row x 8 each side

-Kettlebell Half Turkish Get Up x 5 each side

REST – 60-180 seconds

WORKOUT FREQUENCY – 2-3 times p/week

Intermediate – As above but with 2 Kettlebels – 4-6 Circuits

If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll answer as soon as i can.

Now get training!



  • Many thanks for this one Tyrone. Great workout that hits the entire body. My wife is a beginner to kettle bells and this routine is perfect for her, or anyone who wants a smart workout.

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