Arm Control from Inside The Guard


Quite often people feel as though it’s a big disadvantage to end up in The Guard of their opponent once a fight goes to the ground.

This is of course because their opponent has a wide range of submissions available to them and they do not.

But is this really such a big disadvantage?

Here at Tyton Health & Performance we look at things from a different perspective.

We teach our students to adopt a mindset where no matter what position they are in during a fight, they always have the advantage.

In today’s video I show you one of many ways you can claim that advantage if or when you end up in your opponents guard.

Rather than worry or be concerned about my opponent trying to control me, I show you how you can control him so that you can establish dominance and turn the position into your advantage.

Hopefully you enjoyed our video.

Why not share your own insights and experiences in the comments section below? It’s great to hear from you guys so feel free to comment.

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