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Our clinic is dedicated to improving our clients’ health & wellbeing in an affordable and stress free manner.

We believe that optimal health can be available to anyone. Regardless of your current condition, it is still possible to improve health, prevent disease and encourage longevity.

All our practitioners specialise in Heart Rate Variability testing to monitor the effectiveness of Mitochondrial Therapy. It is one of the few natural, non-toxic therapies with a means to measure the actual effectiveness and benefits.

What is Mitochondrial Therapy?

Mitochondrial Therapy works on the premise that good health can only be achieved if our individual cells are in good health. For example, the cells that make up our organs and organ systems must be healthy and functioning if we want the whole body to be well and functioning. Impairment of cells means inefficiency in functions that will likely lead on to chronic ailments and symptoms of disease like many face today.

Within these cells are mitochondria. Mitochondria exist to provide the energy that power the cells. By ensuring healthy Mitochondria we are supporting the cells and setting a foundation for a healthy body to thrive. It is impossible to have a healthy functioning body without healthy functioning Mitochondria.

What causes damage to the cells?

The most natural form of distress to the cells is aging. The aging process is known to start around the age of 26-28, where cells become weaker and more vulnerable, and we naturally start to feel the effects of getting older.

The more alarming form of concern to our cells comes by way of stress.

Not only are we subjected to mental & emotional stress, our bodies are subjected to an array chemical, pollutant, radiation, electromagnetic and physical stressors. These all have the potential to damage our cells If we are unable to adapt to them.

So not only are we now under chronic stress, we are also often (or have been) overworked and under nourished. We are becoming bad at resting and our food supply is losing quality – not ideal if we want to encourage our adaptive capabilities.

Inevitably, stress impacts our lives but chronic stress impacts our health.

How does Mitochondrial Therapy work?

Mitochondrial Therapy involves the use of 3 main supplements to strengthen and support the Mitochondria. The enhanced effectiveness of these supplements is due to the formula & its advanced production methods. These supplements are the results of 15 years’ research at the institute for Bio-medical Problems of Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation, carried out by Prof. Beavsky, Dr Berseneva, and Dr Micheal Kucera M.D.

These are not available to the general public or sold online. They can only be obtained after a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) control test by a certified practitioner.

Carnosine Komplex: Main ingredient – Carnosine. Carnosine is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissue and has well known anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Carnosine Komplex helps to improve the structure and function of the cells.

CoQ10 Komplex: Main ingredient – CoEnzyme Q10. Q10 is a co enzyme similar to vitamins, they are present in mitochondria and part of the electron transport chain that participates in aerobic cellular respiration. Q10 Komplex helps to improve energy production within the cells.

Flavonoid Komplex: Main ingredient – Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6. Flavonoids are plant compounds found in almost all fruits and vegetables and are known to have strong antioxidative effects. Flavonoid Komplex helps to protect the cells from further free radical damage.

The results of the HRV control test and thorough analysis of your medical history help us to determine your recommended starting dosages.

What is the Heart Rate Variability Control Test?

Heart Rate Variability is a non-invasive health screening, and arguably the most important health bio-marker available to date.

This simple 5-minute test measures the variable differences between heart beats. By measuring the different frequencies within the body we can conclude the stress load on the system and its current ability to adapt and recover.

It’s a useful indicator of those at high risk of cardiac issues and also enables us to gain greater understanding of why you may have a particular health concern. Heart Rate Variability summarises internal distress that your system may be under and the efficiency of your autonomic nervous system.

Re-testing throughout the different phases of Mitochondrial Therapy is an important way for us to measure the progress of the therapy and adjust the dosage where necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness.

How does one expect to benefit from Mitochondrial Therapy (MT) and HRV testing?

It is important to acknowledge that HRV does not diagnose and MT does not treat disease.

However, Dr Kucera’s supplement formulas have been shown to be highly effective at helping the cells maintain/regain function. In effect, MT supports the body at a cellular level which means the body is often able to heal itself.

Typical tangible benefits from MT are lower resting heart rate, more energy, healthier looking skin and hair, lessening of symptoms of disease and general return to normal for hormonal & physiological functions.

It is particularly beneficial for those who already suffer from autoimmune/chronic conditions and need additional support.

It is also useful, as a preventative approach for those who are regularly in stressful environments and subjected to additional stressors such as chemicals & toxins, or frequent flyers subject to radiation from the sun.

For further details or to find out if Mitochondrial Therapy may be suitable for you, please call us on 01473 561 003 or email us on adaptation(@)


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