8 Awesome Uses For Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil has been used for centuries by the natives in many of the Tropical countries around the world and in more recent years it’s been rapidly growing in popularity throughout the western world due to it’s amazing health benefits and it’s almost unending list of uses.

Another interesting point to mention is that studies on these native cultures that consume large amounts of Coconut oil show decreased incidence of many of the modern illnesses and diseases experienced by those consuming more western style diets and that these native populations are generally in good health.

Today my aim is simply to make you aware of a few of the more common uses and health benefits.

One thing I will mention though is that to get the most benefit from your Coconut oil you’ll want to make sure that it’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

So with that in mind, today’s 8 awesome uses are:

  1. Cooking – Coconut oil has a very high smoking point meaning it isn’t damaged by the heat like vegetable oils are, making it perfect for frying and stir-frys. It’s the perfect non-dairy alternative to Butter.
  2. Moisturiser – Coconut oil is perfect to use on the skin as a moisturiser and doesn’t contain all of the toxic chemicals and additives that store bought creams and lotions do. It also works out FAR cheaper too as even a very small amount covers a very large area.
  3. Aid’s Fat Loss – Although Coconut oil is a Saturated fat, it is a Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT) rather than Long Chain Triglyceride (LCT). Unlike other saturated fats/oils, MCT’s are transported directly to the liver where they are immediately used as energy. This increases metabolism and contributes to fat burning.
  4. Natural Suncream – Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4 meaning it’s great for use as sun protection for those that tolerate the sun pretty well or to use as a base for your own homemade natural suncream.
  5. Massage Oil – Being full of nutrition and great for the skin, Coconut oil makes for the perfect massage oil. It also lack the chemicals and additives often found in most other massage oils and lotions.
  6. Increased Energy – As mentioned above, the MCT’s in Coconut Oil are transported directly to the liver where they are immediately used for energy rather than stored as fat.
  7. Natural Shaving Cream – Coconut oil can be used anywhere on the body as a natural shaving lotion and can even double up as an effective natural alternate to aftershave too.
  8. Natural Baby Lotion – If there’s anybody in our lives that we tend to regard more important than ourselves, it’s our children. Why expose them (often unknowingly) to harmful chemicals and lotions when you could just use Coconut oil to do the job perfectly without the harmful toxins.

So there you have it. 8 things you can begin using Coconut oil for immediately! Believe it or not, there are hundreds if not thousands of benefits to using Coconut oil with more being discovered daily but I’ll leave those to another day as I doubt you have the time to read a list of 1000 uses for Coconut oil!

But before I go just remember you’ll want to use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil wherever possible.

Now, in the comments below let me know a few of your favourite uses for Coconut oil and how it’s made positive changes to your health and lifestyle.

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