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Burn Fat, Lose Weight Now!

True body transformation takes more than simply starving yourself. Our proven 4-Step Coaching process gets you lasting fat loss results... GUARANTEED!

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Chronic Pain Ruining Your Life?

If you suffer from Back, Neck or Joint Pain, our comprehensive assessment process will establish the root cause to help you Get out of Pain, so you can Be Fitter, Stronger and Healthier again!

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Chronic Health Issues?

By supporting health at a deep, cellular level rather than just addressing the symptoms of ill health, Mitochondrial Therapy enables the body to reach or restore optimum function.

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Learn to Defend Yourself!

The best 'Life Insurance' you can get! Whether you just want simple, effective Self-Defence strategies or you want to become a complete Martial Artist, we've got you covered.

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What Our Clients are Saying...

"Once I started seeing an improvement in my scoliosis and strengthening of my back, I felt much better in myself and therefore became much happier in life."

Andrew Laws - Civil Engineer, Ipswich, UK.

"I had a lot of crippling pain in my left hip from bursitis and I am now Pain free!"

Yvonne Hicks, Legal Secretary – Ipswich, UK

"Since beginning my training with Tyrone, my aches have been greatly reduced, my posture has improved and I am able to perform much better in both lifting weights and general sporting performance."

Adam Colquhoun, Accountant/ Business Analyst – Perth, Australia

"Thanks to Tyrone I have full use of my shoulder, I can run and I am more confident doing physical exercise."

Jill Merriam, Retired – Ipswich, UK

Latest Blog Posts...

Eating For Performance & Recovery

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you very likely know that I believe our nutritional requirements are completely individual due to differences in the likes of genetic and ethnic background, the environment we live in and the environment our ancestors developed in as well as your daily activity levels…

That said, we are all still human and because of this fact, we also share quite a few similarities in our needs also.

Particularly if you’re a healthy individual without any major health complaints.

When this is the case, I use a simple ‘Portion Size’ template based around my clients training frequency to get them rolling.

Winter Health and Fitness Motivation

You know how it is, Summer begins to approach and we all start to feel a little more motivated to start taking care of ourselves.

Whether it’s the longer, brighter, warmer days or the fear of having to strip down to your bathers for your trips to the local beach or upcoming holiday, either way we all tend to start thinking about how we aught to start making a bit more of an effort to ‘get in shape’ or start ‘getting healthy’.

The problem is, once Summer draws to a close and the temperatures drop, the days get shorter and the “holiday” motivation passes, it becomes very easy to gradually slip back into old habits.

This of course isn’t ideal for anybody trying to achieve longterm health and/or fitness related goals.

With that, my aim today is to give you several tips for staying motivated once the novelty of being healthy and in shape wears off...

Health and Fitness Motivation

The first on our list: Remove Guilt - Forget the Past

What is the Best Diet for YOU?


I literally cannot remember the last time I had a new client start working with me that hadn’t tried at least one of the many thousands of crazy fad diets out there.

I’ve even had female clients that have been on diets for the last 26 years. Not the same one of course, many different ones.

Of course, some of them produced results of some sort but none of them ever managed to build the healthy body she was looking for or keep the weight off permanently!

In my opinion, there shouldn’t even be enough diets out there to keep you going for 26 years but all you have to do is run a simple search on and you’ll get thousands of results… In fact, I ran a search for ‘diet books’ only 5 minutes ago and Amazon returned 210,984!!

That’s absolutely insane!

It really is no wonder that most people are confused. With that many options where would you start? I do this stuff for a living and even I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin had I not been studying, researching and testing this stuff with myself and my clients for years.

But before we get to that, let me ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why two people can be on the same diet and yet they somehow get completely different results?


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Claim your Complimentary 'Fitter, Stronger and Healthier Now' Consultation, worth £147!

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Unit 6, Hill Farm Barns, Ashbocking Road, Henley, Ipswich, IP6 0SA.

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