Exercise Coaching

Our most comprehensive and personalised coaching programmes come in two forms – One-to-One Coaching or Semi-Private Coaching. These programmes are designed for men and women in one of two main categories:

You’re either currently in pain or experience pain on a regular basis which prevents you being able to perform as you once could – you want to be healthy and get out of pain so that you can focus on getting yourself strong and lean again.


You’re not actually in pain but you’re not as healthy as you’d like to be and you’re unable to perform as you once could and you’d like to get back to that level of energy and fitness whilst getting stronger and losing any excess body fat.

You’ll get results quicker than ever before with elite level Exercise and Nutrition Coaching specific to your individual needs using our proven 5 Step Coaching Method;

Tyton Health & Performance’s programmes are unlike any other gym programme in Suffolk, shattering your concept of “gym” fitness and training.  There’s truly nothing out there like us and you have to experience it to understand. Here’s more of what YOU will experience…

  • Huge increases in your self-confidence because you’re training like a high-level athlete and developing an amazing body to prove it…
  • Feel stronger in mind and body as your ability to do more complex exercises increases
  • You’ll watch in amazement as your body starts to show more muscle, athleticism, and skillful control of your movements…
  • Take the guess work out of the ‘healthy eating’ riddle once and for all – find out what works for YOU!
  • Make new friends who want to look and feel as good as you because it’ll be obvious to others that you’re making some amazing and positive changes in your life…
  • You’ll watch your clothes get looser and looser, which gives you even greater motivation to stay on the right path of good healthy habits… You can start planning your new wardrobe now!!

Sign-up now for your complimentary, no-obligation fitness and nutrition diagnostic consultation below. During this consult, you’ll receive detailed information on how to get fit and trim that’s tailored to YOUR needs and body.


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